Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three Guys Talk About Meditation

Tonight we had our weekly appointment for healing, necessary to maintain our health and sanity. The Breathing Room in Wayzata is a wonderful spot for alternative healing practices. These practices are the only thing after 8 years of searching that seem to be doing the trick of maintaining our health.

While waiting for my wife’s appointment to finish up, I sat in the waiting room with two other men. One, a practitioner specializing in pranic healing, the other a customer. While the three of us sat there we started talking about meditation.

While the discussion of peace, experiences, purash charanas and mantras in general went between the three of us, it wasn’t until I was in the car talking that I realized I don’t really have these conversations with other men. I realized men don’t talk about meditation. If men do, it’s certainly not the men I hang out with.

“You need a better group of friends,” Saum said, which got me thinking. Most men I know would not talk about meditation. Most wouldn’t even have a deep conversation about religion or spirituality. However, my female friends would certainly have a good meaningful conversation with me.

Does this mean men are uncomfortable having this kind of discussion or just starting one. Maybe the problem is just me. I have no issues blogging about it. These posts certainly prove my point. So why is this such a difficult conversational subject?

It isn’t an issue within my family and my closest friends. I’ve been initiated into the Himalayan tradition. I’ve been on spiritual pilgrimages (strangely they almost been exclusively with other men). I’ve done silence retreats. This should be easy – but it’s not.

I’m still not sure how to broach the subject in some social circles; still looking for answers here. This should be easier, but it’s not. Perhaps this needs more serious contemplation.

During this time of religious holidays, a time of contemplation, I strive to strike up a conversation outside of my normal circle of people. It could be fruitful. I might even share some tidbits here.

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  1. Urban, this is cool.
    Just as women have a unique spiritual perspective, so do men. I value yours. I get so much out of my relationships and conversations with other women who share spiritual exploration; I hope you keep talking and find other guys to connect with.