Urban after becoming an Oungan Asogwe.
Photo by Saumya Haas

The Asson is the sacred rattle used in Vodou. It calls the spirits to the ceremony.

Urban is a Vodou Priest and decided to write Chasing The Asson to chart the spiritual journey on his path to becoming an Oungan. In 2011 he finished that journey and decided to continue the exploration writing about what being an Oungan means. One road ended, another began.

Living on a hobby farm outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul, he plays guitar, rides horses, blogs, assists non-profits/NGOs and travels around the globe. He can occasionally be found in coffee shops sporting his laptop and writing.

Urban started Chasing The Asson to explore the topics Vodou, spirituality and life. He believes it’s not the destination, but the journey that’s important. How far does the road go? It goes as far as he can travel. The spirits continue to push him forward; he will always be chasing that asson to the next destination.